Compressor Wheel Assemblies - 2017  Price List

NOTE:All sales are based on current availability only. Parts will not be backordered u

Manufacturer O.E.M. O.EM. MODEL (N)ew PRICE by
PART NUMBER PART NUMBER Manufacturer NUMBER (R)eman Quote Qnly
142369R       R E-Mail
144417-000   Cummins HT3B N E-Mail
150520-0000   Cummins ST50 N E-Mail
196495R       R E-Mail
3525121R       R E-Mail
3532310R   Cummins HX35W R E-Mail
3532376R       R E-Mail
404955-001 3S2346 Deutz Allis T1817 N E-Mail
405298-0000 4S5792 Caterpillar ???? N E-Mail
406476-0003   Caterpillar ???? N E-Mail
406597-0002   Caterpillar T1404 N E-Mail
406962-0003   Caterpillar T0410 N E-Mail
407323-0004   ???? T0410 N E-Mail
407323-0005   ???? T0410 N E-Mail
407869-0000   ???? ???? N E-Mail
407869-0002   Detroit Diesel T19A40 N E-Mail
407869-0008   Caterpillar T19A55 N E-Mail
408033-0012   Caterpillar TV6149 N E-Mail
408126-0016   Nissan TE0644 N E-Mail
408178-0009 6N3250 Caterpillar TV60 N E-Mail
408178-0011 6N7200 Caterpillar TV60 N E-Mail
408455-0033 6N6609 ???? ???? N E-Mail
408459-0002   Detroit Diesel TV8102 N E-Mail
408463-0002   Detroit Diesel TV8102 N E-Mail
408463-0008 1N4000 ???? TV81 N E-Mail
409096-0011   SAAB SCANIA TB0312 N E-Mail
409096-0014   Komatsu TA3103 N E-Mail
409132-0009   Dormon Diesel TV8118 N E-Mail
409136-0003   John Deere TV71 N E-Mail
409179-0016   Deutz Allis T04B N E-Mail
409179-0022   John Deere T04B N E-Mail
409179-0025   Mack T04B N E-Mail
409179-0026   John Deere T04B N E-Mail
409257-0003   Cummins T18A95 N E-Mail
409318-0006   Mack TV61 N E-Mail
409533-0001   John Deere TV61 N E-Mail
409826-0003   Deutz Allis T04B80 N E-Mail
409826-0014   Yanmar T04B N E-Mail
410273-0006   Detroit Diesel TV61 N E-Mail
410450-0001   Nissan TB02 N E-Mail
410514-0023   Navistar T04B N E-Mail
431350-0001   Nissan TB25 N E-Mail
434335-0010   Detroit Diesel GT4288 N E-Mail
434335-0012   Detroit Diesel GT4294 R E-Mail
434335-0017   Detroit Diesel GT4294 R E-Mail
441029-0005   Reenault TA45 N E-Mail
4412476-0017   Ford T04E14 N E-Mail
441266-0010   Detroit Diesel TMF51 N E-Mail
441553-0011   Komatsu TV7114 N E-Mail
441553-0012   Caterpillar TV78 N E-Mail
441793-0010   Daimler Benz TA45 N E-Mail
441813-0007 7E0478 Caterpillar TV92/TV94 N E-Mail
441829-0006   Detroit Diesel tv75 N E-Mail
441829-0008   Detroit Diesel TV7513 N E-Mail
441842-0007       N E-Mail
442293-0015   John Deere T04E45 N E-Mail
442476-0014   Ford T04E14 N E-Mail
443627-0001   Detroit Diesel TV5101 N E-Mail
446335-0010   Nissan TB2557 N E-Mail
448671-0020   Caterpillar BTV75 N E-Mail
448856-0009     GT40 N E-Mail
448856-0029   Navistar GT4682V N E-Mail
449937-0007   Detroit Diesel GT3571 N E-Mail
451470-0001   H.K.S. TB4137 N E-Mail
451883-0008     UTW95 N E-Mail
700248-0002   Caterpillar GT60 N E-Mail
701312-0002   Detroit Diesel GT4294 N E-Mail
702549-0014     GT23/GT25 N E-Mail
703697-0001   Navistar GTP38 N E-Mail
704746-0002     GT47/GT50 N E-Mail
705319-0002     GT5008 N E-Mail
7055319-0001     GTA5002 N E-Mail
712340-0009     GTA42/45 N E-Mail
715678-0008     GT40 N E-Mail
717873-0008       N E-Mail
769212-0001   Navistar GTP38 N E-Mail

nless mutually agreed upon.

NOTE:All sales are based on current availability only. Parts will not be backordered unless mutually agreed upon.

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